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Film Format, A Compositional Technique

Black and white panoramic photograph - Antelope Island - Shot with my Shen Hao 4×5 camera with a 6×17 back. As photographers work on improving their compostion, I have found that there is one tool that is frequently under-explored. The … Continue reading

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Photography and the Simple Composition

For some reason I am drawn to 2 film formats: square and panoramic. The square format is so simple and uniform. I find when photographing with my Hasselblad which is a 6x6cm format, I compose the images differently. I very … Continue reading

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Black and White and Why

I’ve been asked a couple times why do I shoot only Black and White film? It’s a question that I’ve thought about a number of times and have concluded a few responses. One of the foremost reasons is that I … Continue reading

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The Degradation of Art

Everyday as I walk down the hall to my office at work, I pass two images hanging on the wall. Those two images are passed by me and my co-workers hundreds of times a week as we scurry about getting … Continue reading

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