Current Photo Project

My current photo project is on the biker persona. I find my life and culture rather boring, but as I look a little deeper into the sub-cultures that exist all around me, I find a vast amount of interesting people. This project is solely to show a small glimps into one of them.

Many of the faces posted here are rough, hardened looking guys who would sooner spit on you then say hello, but as I approached them and asked them if it was alright that I photograph them I found them to be very personable and kind. Each one with a thousand stories and experiences. Maybe that’s why I find them so interesting.

To shoot this project I used a Hassleblad 500C/M camera with 80mm Carl Zeiss lens. I used Kodak Tri-X 400 film and Xtol developer. So far i’ve taken between 70 and 80 portraits and plan on taking many more. I’ll be going to Sturgis on August 9th to catch the last couple days of the rally. I’m hoping to get some good photo ops there.

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2 Responses to Current Photo Project

  1. Maleen says:

    I love the photos because you almost feel like you have something in common with these rough guys when really you are worlds apart. Have fun in Sturgis. I’m glad I found your site.

  2. Tavis says:

    These photos are effin’ awesome. This weekend is going to be a barrel of monkeys.

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