Ecuadorian Women - Black and White

A few years ago I went to Ecuador and photographed everyone I could with my Hasselblad 500CM. I used black and white film - Kodak Tri-X 400. Many of these images I posted on my website or blog, but these 2 never were… So here they are.

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Black and White Portrait of Ecuadorian Woman

Black and White Portrait of Ecuadorian Woman

Black and White Portrait of Ecuadorian Woman

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7 Responses to Ecuadorian Women - Black and White

  1. Christi says:

    Wow… If these were left out I’m going to have to go and check out the ones that were added: THESE ARE BEAUTIFUL!! I ADORE the top one.

  2. Cody Banks says:

    Your the best Hasselblad photographer in Utah hands down. Robert Adams has got nothing on you! Can’t wait to see your photos from the devils run!

  3. Clark becker says:

    I really like your portraits. The depth of them are amazing and it really shows the subjects life.

    Why is there none of the hasselblad notches on the frame?

    • Brandon says:

      Thanks! - as far as the knotches, it depends on the scan and if there’s any cropping. Some of my images seem to work better if they’re cropped in a little.

  4. Clark becker says:

    Do you ever find that the shutter sound of the 500cm very annoying. It is the main reason that I don’t really shoot mine. I find that it brings a lot of attention to me. For portraits the 500cm is beautiful, there is not much else to ask for. But shooting when I am walking around and getting portraits of people I find it very distracting.

    • Brandon says:

      Well the shutter isn’t loud, it’s the huge mirror! - i’m sure that’s what you’re referring to. I always get a few looks when i’m out shooting and there’s other photographers with their shiny new digital cameras taking hundreds of photos of the same subject, then i’ll fire off one shot that is accompanied with a notably audible ‘thwap!’

  5. clark becker says:

    yea, I was referring to the mirror. On the same note, if you prerelease the mirror, the shutter in the lens has a beautiful sound. In an SLR, all of the stuff that happens in the camera when you take a pictures all just merges into one word for me. That word is the shutter. I do know what you mean. It feels very good to be around people spraying and praying, and then you come in with the sound of a sniper.

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