Multnomah Falls - Black and White Landscape

Over Labor Day weekend my wife and I drove down the Oregon coast to take some black and white film photographs. I brought my Hasselblad 500cm and used Kodak Tri-X 400.

We stopped at Multnomah Falls - Probably the most photographed waterfall in the west. It’s absolutely beautiful.

Multnomah Falls - Oregon - Black and White Landscape

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2 Responses to Multnomah Falls - Black and White Landscape

  1. Ishan Sharma says:

    I was wondering wether i could use this photo for my digital art project, there is no publicising or even displaying of the project. I will simply turn it in for a grade, not that I will claim it mine I am going to use a blending background for my project. Hope you understand.
    Ishan Sharma

  2. Lovely silkiness of the water, great details in the shadows!

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