Photography and the Simple Composition

For some reason I am drawn to 2 film formats: square and panoramic. The square format is so simple and uniform. I find when photographing with my Hasselblad which is a 6x6cm format, I compose the images differently. I very much like the results.

Many books have been written on composition and I’m not going to get into specifics, but I have found that composing an image is learned by doing, and not so much by reading about it. Not to say that the books are useless, just that it’s more common to read about it and critique the work of others, then it is to really explore the concepts by actually doing it.

I very much subscribe to the idea that ‘Less is More’. Keep your compositions clean and simple. Even when presenting the final image, one should consider where it will be located. - A few years ago at a State Fair I visited the photography exhibit. Hundreds of images squished together on portable dividing walls. I hated the exhibit. There were many ‘good’ pieces of work, but because of the presentation, none of them could be really appreciated.

Black and white film photography seascape


Antelop Island - Black and White Film Photography - Shot with a Hasselblad 500cm - Tri-X400

Utah Lake - Black and White Film Photography - Shot with a Hasselblad 500cm - Tri-X400

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  1. george c says:

    very nice work. I like this.

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